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Disabled Driving Instruction

Many people with physical disabilities will find their lives transformed with the new freedoms and work advantages available once you have passed your test. We have both manual and automatic cars; both can be equipped to assist drivers with physical disabilities. With Adaptacar in South Molton, Devon we car offer a comprehensive stable of aids including:-

  • Push/pull hand controls (RH)
  • Indicator switch on Push/pull hc

For the driving test you will have to show the same level of skill and knowledge as any other candidate but the various adapt ions can assist in accomplishing this. Useful web sites worth contacting for further expert advice on modifications and possible help with funding are-

My rates are the same for disabled driving instruction as with novice driving instruction. This is detailed on the payment page. I can help with accommodation and will check them before your arrival to ensure that it is equipped to provide for any individual needs. However you're booking and subsequent bill will be between you and the accommodation. I usually have a tame hotel/ guest house were I have negotiated a discount at but it does change as I wrangle further deals or the seasons change, so ask when booking.

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