Learning to Drive Course Structure

In discussion with you, your requirements will be assessed and a course structure suggested accordingly.

Passmaster Intensive Course Structure

For students who live within 50 miles the suggested approach is to book a two-hour assessment.
For those travelling significant distances it is recommended to book a full day or stay overnight, see accommodation, and undertake a minimum of two days training.

The training day begins after rush-hour at 9.30am and end at about 7.00pm. You should be under instruction for 8 hours with half hourly breaks for rest and discussion. These breaks are important, as concentration levels and stamina are a consideration. You are not charged for the break periods.

Half day lesson

Start at 9.30am - 2.00pm, being: 2 hours, 30 min break, followed by a further 2 hours.
Afternoons - 2.30pm to 7.00pm, comprising 2 hours, 30 min break, followed by 2 hours driving.

Full day lesson

Comprises 2 hours driving, 30 min break, 2 hours driving, 30min break, 2 hours driving, 30 min break and 2 hours driving, if desired.

Starting at 9.30am you should be completing your day by about 7pm, depending on your progress.
This is very intensive and is offered on one and two day courses. Undertaking this timetable a student could expect to be close to pass standard within three two-day blocks.

Weekly courses

This is a 7-day course. Comprising of 6 days of 6 hours with half-hour breaks every two hours. This leaves 4 hours on the day of the test. It also allows time for extra hours during the week if needed.

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