Learner Prices and Payment

As described in the course structure, you will not have to pay for the time needed for rest breaks. You must be fit at the beginning of the lesson. It is strongly recommended that you do not consume alcohol the evening before lessons. (If you are not fit to drive due to avoidable circumstances you will forfeit lessons including fee until you are legally entitled to drive a vehicle).

Hourly lessons

£25.00 per hour.

Half day lesson

4 x £25.00 = £100.00

Full day lesson

6 x £20 = £120.00 per day

Weekend lessons

6 x £20.00 = £120.00 per day
If necessary extra hours can be added on the day if needed.

Weekly courses

40 hours x £20.00 = £800.00

Our tariff averages about £20.00 per hour. This is much less than in many areas of the country when paying and learning over a greater period of time. Accommodation prices fluctuate throughout the area. Local en-suite farmhouse accommodation start from as little as £25.00 per night for bed and breakfast (with a substantial discount for an extra person travelling with the student). Please click on the accommodation links. It may work out substantially cheaper, as well as quicker, to take your test in the West Country than in your own area.

Deposit of 20% payable on agreement of dates and test.

Deposit and payment with major credit cards through PAYPAL (please click)


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